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Complaints Procedure

The purpose of the complaints procedure is to ensure that guests and visitors can have confidence when staying in accommodation inspected by Quality in Cornwall and to preserve the integrity of the inspection scheme. It is also there to help inspected accommodation providers deal with often difficult or protracted situations in a calm and reasonable way. The aim is to resolve disputes, not take punitive sanctions. Quality in Cornwall must ensure that it takes complaints about its inspected accommodation very seriously and is seen to be doing so.

Quality in Cornwall will only deal with complaints regarding properties which Quality in Cornwall inspects; if the premises are inspected by AA/QIT then they will be the referring body.

With any complaint we receive, we will first ask the complainant to make direct contact with the establishment in question. This has to be the first port of call, and hopefully many complaints will be resolved at this stage.

If the complainant decides to take matters further, and if the establishment in question is a Quality in Cornwall inspected one, Quality in Cornwall will follow the procedure below:

  1. Any Quality in Cornwall member who receives the complaint will explain to complainant that Quality in Cornwall is taking action and that there is a set procedure. They will ask the complainant to put all details of complaint in writing and send this to the Quality in Cornwall.
  2. Quality in Cornwall will contact the inspected accommodation provider about whom the complaint has been made and tell them the nature of the complaint and the name of the complainant.
  3. Quality in Cornwall will ask the inspected accommodation provider to send written details of their recollection of facts.
  4. Quality in Cornwall will investigate nature of complaint and whether Quality in Cornwall has a direct remit to investigate or whether there is another accredited body who should be informed – if this is the case the facts will be passed on and the complainant advised that this step has been taken.

  5. If Quality in Cornwall is the inspecting body and the complaint is about a physical defect then the Quality in Cornwall Inspector will liaise with the inspected accommodation provider to arrange an inspection.

  6. On the completion of the gathering of the information Quality in Cornwall will make a full report and decide on the appropriate action.


If the complainant believes that Quality in Cornwall has acted unfairly, then Quality in Cornwall will refer the complaint to VisitCornwall.